Seventh Definitive Issue

Seventh Definitive Issue: Ships
            14 August 1988             12 Tablet Values                                Mint and CTO        $11.05
                                                                                                           FDC                       $11.85

Technical Details

        Release Date:                    14 August 1988
        Tablet Values:                   5c, 10c, 15c, 20c, 30c, 35c, 40c, 60c, 90c, $1.20, $1.80, $5.00
        Artist:                                Ernest Nisbet
        Printer:                              BDT International Security Printing Ltd
        Process:                            Lithography
        Paper:                               CA Watermark
        Stamp Size:                       27.94 x 44.45 mm
        Perforation Gauge:            14 per 2 cm
        Pane Format:                    50 (2 x 25)
        Mint and CTO:                 $11.05
        First Day Cover:               $11.85

Vessels featured in this set are:

HMS Swallow                                - in which Captain Carteret discovered Pitcairn, 1767

HMS Pandora                                - sighted Ducie Island, 470 km from Pitcairn, while searching
                                                          for the mutineers, 1791.

HMS Briton and HMS Tagus         - first British vessels to stop at Pitcairn after settlement.
                                                         Discovered John Adams, last of the mutineers, 1814.

HMS Blossom                                - Captain Beechey, 1825

SV Lucy Anne                                - sent from Sydney to transport to Tahiti the eighty seven people
                                                         living on Pitcairn.

SV Charles Doggett                       - twelve having died from illness in six months, this vessel
                                                         carried remaining Pitcairners back to Pitcairn, August 1831.

HMS Fly                                         - Captain Elliott drew up laws and regulations for the proper
                                                          government of the island, 1838.

HMS Camden                                 - London Missionary Society packet, Captain Morgan and
                                                          Reverend Heath of LMS, 1840

HMS Virago                                    - steam sloop; first steam vessel to visit Pitcairn, 1853.

SS Rakaia                                        - first mail liner, 1867.

HMS Sappho                                   - Commander Clark drew up a law to prevent strangers from
                                                           settling on the island, 1882.

HMS Champion                              - system of government reorganised, 1893.