40thAnniversary of the Coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

40th Anniversary of Her Majesty the Queen's Coronation

            2 June 1993            $5.00                                            Mint and CTO                $5.00
                                                                                                FDC                               $5.50

 Technical Details

        Release Date:                    2 June 1993
        Tablet Values:                   $5.00
        Artist:                                Derek Miller
        Printer:                              Cartor SA
        Process:                            Lithography
        Paper:                               CA Watermark
        Stamp Size:                       40.00 x 52.00 mm
        Perforation Gauge:            13 per 2 cm
        Pane Format:                    50, no gutter
        Mint and CTO:                 $5.00
        First Day Cover:               $5.50

"... At the altar the Archbishop [of Canterbury] lifted the St. Edward's Crown for all the congregation to see as he invoked a blessing upon it.

"The Archbishop, accompanied by other bishops, then returned to the Queen.  The Dean [of Westminster] carefully placed the Crown on a scarlet cushion and carried it to the Archbishop.  The Archbishop took it from the cushion, held it uplifted, then gently placed it on the Queen's head.  'At the sight thereof', the form and order of the coronation laid down, 'the people with loud and repeated shouts shall cry: God save the Queen.'  As the peers and peeresses put on their coronets, and the Kings of Arms put on their heraldic crowns, the acclamation rang out through the Abbey against a fanfare of trumpets.  The bells began to ring.  Distantly the guns being fired in salute at the Tower of London could be heard.  Queen Elizabeth II had been crowned, seated on King Edward's Chair."

So wrote Conrad Frost in his book Coronation - June 2 1953 published in 1978 by Arthur Barker Limited, London.