~~~~~~~~   Trial issue   ~~~~~~~~

The Planet 1 INMARSAT M satellite communications system was installed on Pitcairn in 1998.  Along with the installation, there was the release of this trial phone/fax cards.


The Planet 1 INMARSAT M satellite communications system has already proved to be cheaper than the previous system.  The card fax/phone system has halved the price of calls from NZD 15.00 per minute to NZD 7.50 per minute.  A very welcomed and exciting change for the islanders and the Pitcairn Island Administration!


 This trial set of phone/fax cards is an extremely attractive looking set.  The four cards are identical to the Views of Christian's Cave stamp issue which was painted by Lesley Harraway.  As Lesley's past and present stamp issues have depicted Pitcairn so well and have been the most popular stamp issues among customers, it seemed fitting to produce the first phone/fax cards with a set of her paintings.


The values of the new cards are (NZD) $5.00, $10.00, $20.00, $50.00, as illustrated here.  There have been 1000 trial sets produced.

This set of phone cards is now available through our Philatelic Bureau.

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  Under the shadows of Gannet's Ridge is the yawning cave in which Fletcher
Christian is said to have spent many hours meditating and watching for
ships.  Although Christian's Cave is now clearly visible from the sea, it was
previously concealed by vines and lofty trees whcih would have afforded
Christian a safe retreat.                                                        Artist: Lesley Harraway