Ocean Fish

Ocean FishThe Pitcairners rely on harvesting the larger fish as a valuable food source. They usually go fishing for the larger type fish when the weather is calm, but can venture out in winds up to 20km. Trawling is the most popular method and the season is from July-December.
Mostly the trawling is done by smaller boats, although every so often a public fishing day is organised and those fishing take to the longboats. Some people trawl with rods with breaking strain line of up to 30-40kg, but the trawling lines are much stronger, with breaking strains from 300-400kg. Catching the large ocean fish creates much excitement with most larger fish putting up a good battle.

The most common ocean fish caught around Pitcairn are:
Ocean Fish stamps
Ocean Fish
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Jean Richard Lisiak, Paris, France Pitcairn Stamps
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Format: 6 horizontal stamps in setenant blocks
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Sheet Configuration: 48 stamps per sheet, 2 x panes of 24
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Paper: 104g, Tullis Russell, non phosphor, gum paper
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12 December  2007 for a period of 2 years