Lizards Overprint

    18 February 1994        45c/45c, $1.50/$1/50                                    Mint and CTO    $3.90 

Technical Details

        Release Date:                    18 February 1994
        Tablet Values:                   45c/45c se tenant pair, $1.50/$1.50 se tenant pair
        Artist:                                Gordon Drummond
        Printer:                              Walsall Security Printers Limited
        Process:                            Lithography
        Paper:                               CA Spiral Watermark
        Stamp Size:                       25.60 x 38.52 mm
        Perforation Gauge:            13 per 2 cm
        Pane Format:                    40 (2 x 20)
        Mint and CTO:                 $3.90
        First Day Cover:               No FDC's produced

 The Lizards se-tenant pairs (45c/45c and $1.50/$1.50) were reprinted with each design showing in black the Hong Kong '94 exhibition logo.  Further information regarding this issue can be found in the Lizards stamp issue.