Premier Collectors' Edition

The Pitcairn Islands Philatelic Bureau is pleased to introduce a new collectible for the serious Pitcairn collector.

When an issue of stamps is printed, it passes through the four-colour ink process, utilising black, cyan (blue), magenta (red) and yellow in that order. These are called colour separations. When the colours are merged - black/blue, black/blue/red and black/blue/red/yellow, these are called progressives.

The Collectors' Editions contain both separations and progressives for only one issue each year and are available in an attractive wallet folder. They are strictly limited to 200 packs.

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Collectors' edition - Moon Landing
Collectors' edition - Moon Landing
Date of issue: 19-Jul-2019
Collectors' edition - Colours of Paradise Collectors' edition - Colours of Paradise
Date of issue: 18-Jul-2018
Collectors' edition - Robert Pitcairn Collectors' edition - Robert Pitcairn
Date of issue: 13-Sep-2017
Collectors’ Edition VIII Collectors’ Edition VIII
Date of issue: 25-Nov-2016
Collectors' edition - Pitcairn on Canvas
Pitcairn on Canvas
Date of issue: 29-Apr-2015
Collectors' edition - Botanica Botanica
Date of issue: 12-Jun-2014
Collectors' edition - Ship Landing Point Ship Landing Point
Date of issue: 18-Dec-2013
Collectors' edition - Diamond Jubilee
Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II
Date of issue: 01-Jun-2012
Rare Birds of Henderson Rare Birds of Henderson
Date of issue: 20-Jul-2011

Collectors' Edition - Hotspots
Date of issue: 18-Aug-2010
Collectors' Edition - Royal Navy Visitors Royal Navy Visitors
Date of issue: 09-Dec-2009