Terebra ShellsShells Part III - Terebra

Known as Auger shells, the family of Terebridae totals some 150 species and all feature pointed spires, short apertures and whorls.  Carnivorous and sand dwelling, they are found only in tropical warm waters and often move below the sand leaving well defined trails.

In this third stamp series on Shells of the Pitcairn islands, the Pitcairn Administration has selected four shells to highlight this species:

Terebra Shells 40c

40c Terebra maculate The largest of this Genus, this shell grows to 250mm and is pale tan and white in colour with purple-brown blotches on each whorl. This heavy shell is common in the Indo-Pacific.

Terebra Shells 80c

80c Terebra subulata Cream in colour, this species is also common in the Indo-Pacific. It grows to 160mm, is slender in shape and carries dark brown blotches on the body whorl.

Terebra Shells $1.20

$1.20 Terebra crenulata This is a thick, solid shell that grows to 120mm in length. Described as oatmeal in colour, it carries spiral rows of red-brown dots along the entire body whorl. Found in the Indo-Pacific.

Terebra Shells $3.00

$3.00 Terebra dimidiate Distinctive orange-red colouring identifies this species which grows from 30-130mm in length. Fairly solid with a smooth, shiny surface, this shell is common and again located in the Indo-Pacific.


Technical Details
Release Date : 21 January 2004
Denominations (NZD) : 40c, 80c, $1.20, $3.00
Stamp Illustration: Sue Williams, United Kingdom
Stamp Design : Denise Durkin, New Zealand
Printer : SNP Print, Australia
Process : Offset Lithography
Paper : Tullis Russell stamp paper
Stamp Size : 44.71mm x 26mm
Perforation Gauge : TBA
First Day Cover : $6.40 with four stamps