Prominent Pitcairners - Part 5, Rosalind Amelia Young

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Rosalind Amelia Young was born on August 13th, 1853, the daughter of Simon Young and Mary Buffett Christian. As an infant, she left Pitcairn on the mass migration to Norfolk Island, only to return with her family in 1864 when her father led four families back to the Island.
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Intelligent and curious, she listened avidly to Elizabeth Mills who told her of the events of her own life. Using a lot of what she was told, Rosalind Young collected a great deal of Pitcairn's history, often relating it in letters to various friends overseas, and also in her eventual book in 1894 - Mutiny of the Bounty and Story of Pitcairn Island (1790-1894). This notable accomplishment detailed much of Pitcairn's history and it largely thanks to her that much of this history did not disappear.
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This, now rare work, is an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of the Island's history. To quote its introduction: "The present work is written by a native of the island, and one who has practically spent her whole life on the island, a few years of her childhood only having been spent on Norfolk Island. While her lifetime does not cover quite one-half the time covered by the history of the island, she had access for many years to one at least who remembered events that occurred before the beginning of the present century. The author's father was the second oldest man of the community at the time of his death, in September 1893, and was a grandson of John Adams, one of the mutineers of the Bounty, whose death took place in 1829. She has thus had the best of advantages for obtaining a correct knowledge of the island history."

In 1907 she married David Nield, a New Zealander, and died on February 1st 1924 aged 70.

Rosalind Amelia Young is a well-known name which is recognised by most who are acquainted with Pitcairn. A gentle, talented person, an accomplished organist, poet, school teacher, and historical chronicler all make her well suited to be recognised as a "Prominent Pitcairner".

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Prominent Pitcairners - Part 5, Rosalind Amelia Young
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