H.M. Queen Elizabeth II 80th BirthdayH.M. Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday

Queen's 80th Birthday mini-sheetQueen's 80th Birthday 40cHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born in London on 21st April 1926.  She was the first child of His Majesty King George VI and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and was christened Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Princess Elizabeth was educated at home with her sister, Princess Margaret.

In her early teens she studied history, law, art and music, and was (and still is) a keen horsewoman. Princess Elizabeth also enjoyed amateur dramatics, was a good swimmer, and became a Girl Guide and Sea Ranger.

Queen's 80th Birthday $1.80Queen's 80th Birthday 80cIn 1947 she undertook her first official overseas visit, to South Africa, and on returning to Britain she married Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten who was to become HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Her Majesty The Queen’s current duties are many and varied. They include regular weekly meetings with Government ministers and hosting visiting Heads of State. She is patron of over 700 Queen's 80th Birthday $3.50organisations and entertains around 48,000 members of the community annually. 

The Queen has two birthdays. Her actual birthday is on 21st April and her official birthday is 17th June.

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H.M. Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday
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