Pitcairn from the Air

Pitcairn from the Air
The Pitcairn Islands form the southeasternmost extension of the geological archipelago of the Tuamotus of French Polynesia. Pitcairn itself is distinctly volcanic (formed from an upswelling of magma from an underwater hotspot), jutting steeply out of the ocean with a peak of 347 metres at Pawala Valley (Big) Ridge. The sheer, inhospitable cliffs stretch from Hulianda Ridge just above the landing at Bounty Bay, round the south-east corner to St Paul’s Point, through Down Rope with its little beach, past Gudgeon to Christian’s Point at the western extremity.
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With a land area of 4.6 square kilometres (1.77 square miles), Pitcairn’s geography is best viewed from the sky and images show the contrasting cliffs (which rise from around 60M up to 270M) and the interior flatland that runs comparatively gently downwards to the north-east and the settlement of Adamstown.

Initially forested, the Island shows only a small area remains having been through a period of deforestation for access and settlement. This has exposed Pitcairn’s rich, red soils with some erosion evident.

The images come from Lionel Gouverneur of French Polynesia and were taken with a Phantom 4 Advanced+ drone which was equipped with Lightbridge HD video transmission system. The maximum video transmission range is 4.3 mi (7 km). The aerial shots show Pitcairn Island’s beauty to full advantage with almost a moody feel.
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Pitcairn from the Air
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Denise Durkin, Wellington. New Zealand

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Photographer: Lionel Gouverner, French Polynesia
Printer: Southern Colour Print, Dunedin, New Zealand

Process: Offset Litho
Stamp size: 52.00 mm x 37.11 mm horizontal
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