Millennium Part III - Towards 2000

       25 May 1999            20c, 90c, $1.80, $3.00                                Mint and CTO       $5.90
                                                                                                            FDC                     $6.40 

 Technical Details

Release Date : 7 July 2000
Denominations : 20c,  90c,  $1.80,  $3.00
Artist : Lesley Harraway, NZ
Printer : House of Questa Ltd, UK
Process : Lithography
Paper : Crown Agents Watermarked
Stamp Size : 31.75 x 48.26mm
Perforation Gauge : 14 per 2 cm
Format : 2 panes of 50 stamps per sheet
First Day Cover  : $6.90

This third and final part of the Millennium stamp issue series, features significant developments on Pitcairn, during the 20th century.   The illustrator is again Lesley Harraway, the wife of Pitcairn’s last Commissioner, Garth Harraway.  Each stamp features a ‘present-day’ view with a sepia-toned view of an earlier equivalent.  There is a new aluminium longboat with the old traditional wooden longboat being rowed out of the harbour; a view of the harbour in Bounty Bay, as it is today alongside a pre-1940’s view; a modern four-wheel ATV motor cycle with a traditional Pitcairn wheelbarrow; and our modern satellite communications centre  together with an old Morse key.