Journey to NorfolkJourney to Norfolk

By 1850 the population was 156 and increasing rapidly.  Their friends in England and the Pacific were again discussing the question of emigration, for it was feared that land would soon become insufficient, and fish had deserted the coastal waters since the landslides caused by the great storm of 1845.

Journey to Norfolk

After their experiences in Tahiti, the islanders insisted that if they were compelled to emigrate it should be to an uninhabited island. After examining several possibilities, the majority of the community decided to move, with British Government aid, to Norfolk Island. It had much to recommend it. It was larger than Pitcairn and now uninhabited, but 60 years of convict labour had left hundreds of acres under cultivation. The island was well stocked with domestic animals and there were roads and houses.

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In 1856, when the naval transport Morayshire arrived, all 193 islanders boarded her. A son, Reuben Denison Christian, was born to Isaac and Miriam Christian during the journey, bringing the population to 194. The Morayshire was a three-masted, full-rigged, 830-ton “emigrant ship” under the command of Captain Joseph Mathers. 3700 mile, five-week journey to Norfolk Island; arriving on 8 June 1856.

Journey to Norfolk FDC The arrival of the Pitcairn people provided a fresh dimension to Norfolk Island. They introduced and have maintained and cultivated their distinctive culture and language, and preserved the rich history and natural magnificence of the Island. The majority of the Islanders lived a subsistence lifestyle, growing their own food. In later years their incomes were supplemented by exporting produce and by whaling.

Journey to Norfolk Joint FDC The return to Pitcairn from 1858 –1864 is the second part of this fascinating story. It will feature in a separate stamp issue in the near future.

The Pitcairn Islands Philatelic Bureau is proud to join with  the Norfolk Post Bureau in commemorating the sesqui-centenary of the Pitcairners migration to Norfolk. Both sets of stamps carry a link to each other and the anniversary, plus a joint cover carries both sets of cancelled stamps.

Journey to Norfolk - 150th Anniversary, 1856 - 2006
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Pitcairn Journey Mint/CTO Strip

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Technical Details

Mary Butterfield, Norfolk Island Pitcairn Stamps
proudly brought
to you by:
Bounty Post
Illustrators: Tracey Yager, Sue Draper, and Glenn Douran.
Images: Taken from 'Fletcher's Mutiny Cyclorama'  Norfolk
Printer : Southern Colour Print, Dunedin, New Zealand
Process : Offset Litho
Stamp Size: 45.15mm x 37.5mm, 4 horizontal stamps
Perforation Gauge : 14.40 x 14.60
Sheet Configuration: 40 stamps per sheet (2 x 20 panes in 10 strips)
Denominations : Stamps 50c, $1.00, $1.50 and $3.00.
Paper : Tullis Russell 104gsm Non phosphor stamp paper
Period of Sale :
7 June 2006 for a period of 2 years.