Hong Kong '97 Exhibition

    12 February 1997                 $5.00 Souvenir Sheet                     Mint and CTO    $5.00
                                                                                                       FDC                  $5.50

Technical Details

    Release Date:            12 February 1997
    Tablet Value:             $5.00
    Artist:                        Nick Shewring
    Printer:                      The House of Questa
    Process:                    CA Spiral Watermark
    Stamp Size:               30.56 x 38 mm
    Souvenir Sheet Size:  83 x 86 mm
    Perforation Gauge:    14 holes per 2 cm
    Mint and CTO:         $5.00
    First Day Cover:       $5.50

We were pleased to mark our participation in the Hong Kong Stamp Exhibition 1997, with this issue which also acknowledges 1997 as the Chinese Year of the Bull.

    On this Souvenir sheet, we have taken the opportunity to feature the Pitcairn Islands Coat of Arms.  Significant features of the Coat of Arms include the Bible and anchor from HMS Bounty symbolising Pitcairn's Christian heritage and its maritime history.  A Pitcairn wheelbarrow holding a flowering slip of the indigenous Miro tree, rests at the top.  The Pitcairn Island Coat of Arms was granted by Royal Warrant on 4 November 1969.