Royal Golden Wedding Anniversary
     20 November 1997        20c/20c, $1.00/$1.00, $1.70/$1.70        Mint and CTO  $5.80
                                                                                                          FDC                $6.30

Technical Details

    Release Date:                    20 November 1997
    Tablet Values:                   Se-tenant pair 20c
                                             Se-tenant pair $1.00
                                             Se-tenant pair $1.70
    Artist:                                Derek Miller
    Printer:                              Cartor, France
    Process:                            Lithography
    Paper:                               CA Spiral Watermark
    Stamp Size:                       30.56 x 38 mm
    Perforation Gauge:             13 per 2 cm
    Mint and CTO:                  $5.80
    First Day Cover:                $6.30

Pitcairn was pleased to be participating in this omnibus issue, along with some 17 other countries.  While most other issuing countries chose to release this set on 10 July, the anniversary of the announcement of the Royal couple's engagement, Pitcairn and Tristan de Cunha released their issues on 20 November, the actual anniversary of the Royal Wedding.

The Crown Agents Stamp Bureau, have now produced close to 20 Royal Omnibus Issues during the reign of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II and sought to give the concept a fresh perspective.  Most issuing authorities have chosen to issue three se-tenant pairs and a miniature sheet.  Pitcairn is releasing only the se-tenant pairs as we have issued two miniature sheets already this year.  Our understanding is that our collectors prefer there not be too many miniature sheets in our annual collection and it is for this reason alone that we chose to produce only the se-tenant pairs.
The theme for the entire omnibus, is that of the Royal Family's love of horses.  St Helena has deviated from this and is producing pairs showing the Royal visit to that island.

To mark this anniversary, Pitcairn Island has commissioned a commemorative coin.  This was struck by the Royal Mint and was released also on 20 Novermber.  Benhams, of Kent in the U.K, have produced special commermorative covers, some of which will feature both se-tenant pair and the commemorative coin.  These covers, which were cancelled on Pitcairn, are extremely attractive and can be ordered directly from Benhams:
                                                                  Freepost DR175
                                                                  Kent CT20 1BR
                                                                  United Kingdom.