Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales

Tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales - Commemorative Sheetlet

       31 August 1998       90c + 90c + 90c + 90c (+ 40c surcharge)     Mint and CTO       $4.00
                                                                                                            FDC                     $4.50 

 Technical Details

Release Date:             31 August 1998
Tablet Values:            90c + 90c + 90c + 90c (+ 40c surcharge)
Artist:                         Derek Miller (from photographic material by
                                  Alpha Photographic Press Agency)
Printer:                       The House of Questa
Process:                     Lithography
Paper:                        CA Spiral Watermark
Stamp Size:                38.00mm x 30.56mm
Sheetlet Size:              145 mm x 70 mm
Perforation Gauge:      14 per 2cm approx.
Mint and CTO:           $4.00
First Day Cover:         $4.50

Pitcairn, together with 25 other countries, is participating in this omnibus tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales.  While most other participating countries have already released their issues, Pitcairn believes that it is more fitting for the sheetlet to be released on this, the anniversary of her death.

From left, the sheetlet shows the following portraits: Diana at a function to mark No Smoking Day, 1991; a visit to the Royal Hospital, Chelsea in 1983; a visit to the National Institute of Conductive Education, 1995; Diana in 1989.

The 40c surcharge from the sale of each souvenir sheetlet will be donated to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

From the time of her engagement to the Prince of Wales in 1981, the Princess captured popular imagination, her spontaneity, compassion and rapport with all in society, providing a refreshing view of Royalty world-wide, especially on Pitcairn where the Monarchy is held in such high regard.  Together with everyone else around the world, Pitcairners followed closely news of her life; her marriage, the birth of her two sons and sadly, her separation and divorce.  News of her tragic death broke simultaneously on Pitcairn as it did elsewhere around the world, but through the medium of amateur radio.  Within a few weeks, from all over the world, video recordings of the funeral service were received on Pitcairn.

The Princess was a tireless worker for charities, particularly those supporting children, the sick, maimed and the poor.  Her contact with sufferers of AIDS and leprosy did much to dispel prejudice in regard to both conditions.  Her backing of an international campaign for a ban on anti-personnel land-mines, during the last year of her life, was bringing world-wide attention to the crippling and lifelong effects such weaponry has on individuals and entire countries.

Unwelcome media attention upon the Princess's personal life intensified in July 1997 when, following a holiday with her sons as guests of Mohammed Al Fayed, the Princess took further trips abroad with his son, Dodi.  It was during a high speed drive through Paris, pursued by paparazzi, that their car crashed killing Dodi Fayed and the chauffeur and leaving the Princess so severely injured that, despite a two hour fight to resuscitate her, she died in the early hours of 31 August 1997, at the age of 36.

This issue is the third Pitcairn has released, featuring Diana, Princess of Wales.  The first on 22 July 1981 celebrated her marriage to HRH Prince Charles while the second, released on 1 July 1982, marked her 21st birthday.