Sixth Definitive Additions

Sixth Definitive Additions

        14 January 1988              90c, $3.00                                   Mint and CTO         $3.90
                                                                                                   FDC                        $4.00

Technical Details

    Release Date:                        14 January 1988
    Tablet Values:                       90c, $3.00
    Designer:                              Clive Abbott
    Printer:                                 Format International Security Printers Ltd
    Process:                               Lithography
    Layout:                                Sheets of 50 set in 2 panes of 25
    Stamp Size:                          44.45 x 27.94 mm in horizontal format
    Paper:                                  CA Watermark
    Perforation Gauge:                14 per 2 cm
    Mint and CTO:                     $3.90
    First Day Cover:                   $4.00

With the introduction of new postal rates, it became necessary to extend the Sixth Definitive set by adding two new values.  There being no further need for a 9 cent stamp, the design earlier used for this value was reprinted with a tablet value of 90 cents.  Clive Abbott produced a new design for the $3.00 stamp.