Christmas 2005 Reflections

Christmas 2005 40cChristmas on Pitcairn is a special time for this small community.

On Christmas Eve, carols are sung by candle light in the public square of Adamstown, which is decorated with Christmas lights. Christmas Eve also sees special baskets hung on home porches instead of mantles and these are hung early so the gifts for the children can be placed inside by other families who make their rounds in what is known as “Santa Clausing”.

Christmas 2005 80cMost of the gifts are small items such as homemade cookies, candies, balloons and small toys. This tradition is as much fun for the adults as it is for the children.

Christmas 2005 $1.80Christmas day begins with Church for those who choose to attend. The community trees in the Square are then traditionally bedecked with gifts, colourful baskets and foodstuffs.

Being summer time the weather is often hot and it is late afternoon before everyone on the Island congregates in the Square. The gifts are then handed out by a chosen Father Christmas and helpers amongst great fun and excitement.

Christmas 2005 $2.50
Everyone receives something from almost everyone else.

Christmas 2005 FDCChristmas day ends with family and friends meeting for dinner, which was traditionally goat meat and vegetables but has moved to turkey, lamb, chicken or beef.

Christmas 2005 - reflections
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Technical Details

Designer : Lucas Kukler, Rome, Italy.

Pitcairn Stamps
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Printer : Wyatt and Wilson, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Process : Offset Lithography.
Perforation Gauge : 13.2 per 2 cms
Stamp Size : 34.96mm x 30.23mm,  4 vertical.
Denominations : 40c, 80c, $1.80 and $2.50
Paper : 104gsm, litho gummed stamp paper
Period of Sale :
23 November 2005, for a period of 2 years.