Blue Moon Butterfly
Blue Moon Butterfly

Blue Moon Butterfly $1.50The Blue Moon butterfly Hypolimnas bolina nerina is an amazing migrant butterfly and is found in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, the Solomons, Vanuatu and Norfolk Island with many other sub species distributed from India and Taiwan, through South - East Asia and into the Pacific as far east as Pitcairn.

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The Caterpillars grow up to 6 cms in length and are communal, but later become solitary. They feed at night, hiding by day some distance from their food plant. The pupa is a dramatic brown with black spikes and grows to around 3 cms.

The adult male butterfly is slightly smaller than the female and is coloured black with a large white spot in middle of each wing. These spots are surrounded by a stunning purple iridescence. The male has a wingspan of about 8 cms and is strongly territorial and will chase off intruders that infringe on its domain.
Blue Moon Butterfly Mini Sheet
The female varies more in colour of mostly warm brown tones and features an orange mark on each forewing. This species has been described as the most variable butterfly in the world, with distinctive variations among females make finding two alike a rare occurrence.

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Blue Moon Butterfly
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Release Date : 08 April 2005
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