19-24 March 1999

The Australia '99 World Stamp Expo was held  in Melbourne at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Victoria.

The Commissioner for the Pitcairn Islands, Leon Salt and his wife Brendda attended the exhibition to represent Pitcairn.  They thouroughly enjoyed meeting many valued customers and other stamp collectors.  A video was on display at the Pitcairn booth, showing footage of the diving on the wreck site of the Bounty, this raised considerable interest amongst the spectators.  The exhibition was a success and we hope to represent Pitcairn again at the World Stamp Expo 2000 in Anaheim, California.

Pitcairn released an issue, (click here to see)  'Bounty' Relics, to mark the archaeological survey of the wreck of the Bounty, undertaken by James Cook University of Townsville, Queensland, Australia.  This mini sheet, the largest ever produced by Pitcairn, was also released to mark the Australia '99 World Stamp Expo, where the Pitcairn Island Philatelic Bureau shared a booth with Norfolk Post.  Our stamp perfectly reflected the Maritime Heritage theme of the exhibition.

The cannon, raised during January, came up completely encrusted in concretion, a large chunk of which fell away to reveal the cannon in near perfect condition.  The cannon was transported in a sand and sea water bath from Pitcairn aboard Sydney Star arriving in Brisbane on 18 February from where it was taken to the James Cook University where  staff of the Queensland museum will commence the preservation process.  The preservation of the cannon and other artefacts recovered during the expedition will take up to five years to complete.  The artefacts will then be displayed for 12 months at the Queensland museum before being returned for permanent display in the museum on Pitcairn Island.

CLICK HERE to view a photo taken at the raising of the cannon.