70th Birthday of
H.M. Queen Elizabeth II

70th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II

        21 April 1996             20c, 90c, $1.80, $3.00                    Mint and CTO        $5.90
                                                                                                  FDC                       $6.40

Technical Details

        Release Date:                 21 April 1996
        Tablet Values:                20c, 90c, $1.80, $3.00
        Artist:                             Derek Miller
        Printer:                           Cartor, France
        Process:                         Lithography
        Paper:                            CA Watermark
        Stamp Size:                    28 x 45 mm
        Perforation Gauge:         13 per 2 cm
        Pane Format:                 50 (2 x 25)
        Mint and CTO:              $5.90
        First Day Cover:            $6.40

This special issue celebrating the 70th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II was released on Her Majesty's birthday.

Each stamp features a Pitcairn scene below portraits of HM the Queen.  The two lower values both have views of the Landing and Bounty Bay.  The view on the 20c stamp is from the Edge, which is just to the left of the highpoint featured on the 90c stamp.  The scene shown on the 90c stamp is viewed from the point on the 20c stamp where the road leaving the jetty curves to the right, above and beyond the buildings which house th Island's long boats.

Leaving the jetty by the long boat and motoring past the far point of Bounty Bay, 'Old Man', shown on the 20c stamp, one would then pass inside St. Pauls Rock, in the distance, and within a few moments approach the scene featured on the $3.00 stamp at St. Pauls Point.  Beyond the rocks shown in the centre, lies Big Pool, a magnificent feature of calm, crystal clear water rising as the sea surges through a gap near the pinnacle rock and falling as it cascades out again over the rocks in the foreground.  Big Pool is a favourite swimming spot and a place where one can sit above watching black and yellow Nanwi gliding among the rocky ledges of the pool.

At the opposite end of the island and after a short walk across the rocks from West Harbour at Tedside, lies Matt's Rock, featured on the $1.80 stamp.  These rocks immortalise the name of Matthew Quintal, one of the Bounty Mutineers.